Colleagues talk about Kristen and her Characters

Chris Hemsworth:

Ouch! Kristen Stewart just socked handsome Chris Hemsworth in the eye! We’re on the set of “SWATH” in the gorgeous woods behind Pinewood Studios and Kristen and Chris are hanging upside down from a tree surrounded by some pretty angry dwarves. This isn’t your cuddly, wimpy fairy tale.

We’re standing right behind the monitors in “video village”. Behind us, on public land, curious couples push baby strollers on a path and wonder what’s shooting.

Kristen and Chris are now watching the playback footage on the monitors and she, wearing a warm black parka over her scoop-necked, short leather Snow White tunic and leather pants, is apologizing for the accidental punch. Chris, face swelling, is very cool about it and both stars are laughing. Chris, in a great weathered, brown leather outfit, is swarmed by make-up people trying to make him look even more rugged and dirty… yum!

Here he comes. We’re standing in a mud puddle due to recent rain and we don’t care. We see a slight bruise starting on that handsome face and Chris mumbles that his nose is running. Ah, the joys of modern filmmaking!

Kidzworld: You got punched.

Chris: Well you can see that it’s swelling going up my nose.

Kidzworld: Did Kristen do that?

Chris: We misjudged one and I head-butted her fist with my nose which didn’t turn out too well for me.

Kidzworld: So how much fun is hanging upside down all afternoon?

Chris: It’s not that much fun at all actually. It’s certainly a head rush. It’s like I’m on a roller coaster a hundred times upside down so you have that sick feeling coming off of it but it looks good [on the monitor].

Kidzworld: Do you two talk about anything when you’re hanging upside down?

Chris: Get us down! Get us down! What am I doing? Honestly it’s using every bit of energy to hold yourself in a certain position so your arm doesn’t tear off because they’ve got a harness hooked over your shoulders and on your ankles and all different parts of the body are being pulled in an unorthodox sort of way.

Kidzworld: Owww! Can you talk about working with Kristen?

Chris: She’s great. We both loved the script from the beginning. We both read it and had a huge amount of excitement coming into it and both love working with [director] Rupert [Sanders] and she leaves no stone unturned in her prep with the script. She’s always asking questions and trying to find out what’s the real truth in the scene but she’s great. It keeps you on your toes and the scenes are all the better for it.

Sam Clafin: “There is a guy called Marcus Foster. Basically a guy played at my birthday, this sort of big musician who I love, and I went to go and see him at another gig, and supporting him was Marcus Foster. So, I went backstage and to meet Marcus, and he was telling me about this music video that he’s about to do that Kristen [Stewart] has just starred in. Then when I saw Kristen next, I said, ‘I can’t believe you did that. You know him and he knows you, and he knows Rob [Pattinson].’ So, again, it’s all this small world. So namely him, but I think — I have a feeling our sort of music tastes are very much in tune.”

Colleen Atwood (SWATH Costume Designer):
The puff sleeve is sort of reflected in Kristen’s costume, but that’s about it. The rest of it — she’s a totally different kind of character. She’s much less kind of princess-y and more kind of a badass girl. I just showed her the stuff and she was really into it. She loved the armor and all the other bits that she has, it was — she’s really not obsessed with clothes at this point in her career. She’s young and free from that obsession, and in her work previous she hasn’t worn those presentational costumes, so it’s kind of new for her. She’s got a great presence as an actor and you put a costume on somebody that really knows how to wear it and it becomes really strong and kind of scary.”

Casey LaBow
How Long were you actually on the set?
“Seven months. And I got a long stick – I mean Kristen [Stewart], I’ve got to hand it to that girl. She was like 10 months, six days a week. That’s a lot of work.”
“I was super in awe of Kristen. She is severely talented and professional and committed and cared a lot about what was happening. I think she did a 10-month shoot and she worked like 6-days a week? I gotta hand it to her. And she’s so young!”

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